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Dev Counos Escrow

Counos Escrow is a financial cryptocurrency system wherein a trusted third party holds payment of the transaction required between two parties.

Counos Escrow is very useful where a large amount of money is involved; for instance, when a website is built where the seller doesn’t want to present the whole work without any assurance for receiving the charges and the buyer may need the confirmation about the quality of work being done before making full payment. Counos Escrow provides online payment services using cryptocurrencies like Counos.

With Counos Escrow, the transaction can safely be carried out without any risk of fraud. You can transfer your coins (cryptocurrencies) through Counos Escrow.

While paying, Counos Escrow will not disburse any funds unless both buyers and sellers are satisfied.

Escrow is the most secure payment method without the risk of any fraud. All funds transacted using Dev Counos Escrow are kept securely.